Feature Match Finals: Christian Pfeiffer (Suncaller Haruh) vs. Michal Waslicki (Skodis the Nethertwister)

IT ALL CAME DOWN TO THIS!!! 40 players from 4 countries all tried their luck to take a shot at the MazuCon main prize of a whopping 400 Euros! Christian Pfeiffer from Germany’s most successful team Bootcamp L.E. and Michal Waslicki from Poland’s most successful „Team Problem?“ were all that remained, leaving behind various Darkmoon Faire and World Champions! This was poised to turn into an instant classic, so let’s take a look at the action!

Christian won the die roll with an 11 (3 dices) vs. Michal’s 10. This might prove crucial and he took his time, eventually deciding that he would keep his opening 7. Michal agreed and play was on! Christian placed Shadowfang Keep and passed.

Michal Waslicki had to win one more match to walk away with 400,- Euros!Could Christian Pfeiffer go all the way and also win the finals?!

Michal had a face-down resource and Jadefire Scout, showing that he was content on stepping on the gas!

Christian added The Ichor of Undeath to his back row and play was back to Michal.

The Polish champion didn’t feel like giving Christian any room to breathe, adding Jeishal to his field! An attack with Jadefire Scout meant 3 damage on Suncaller Haruh and the Priest hero was flipped during the End Phase.

A Cairne stash and use of Shadowfang Keep activation later, Edwin VanCleef and 2 of his friends joined Christian’s party.

Staredown between Edwin VanCleef and Sardok!Fordragon Hold came down, Skodis the Nethertwister attacked one of the tokens, Jeishal and Jadefire Scout attacked directly and Sardok concluded Michal’s turn.

Christian sacrificed the remaining token for Shadowfang Keep, played Gispax the Mixologist for 3 and added Sava’gin the Reckless to his hand! He felt lucky enough to bet it all on a dice!!! Sava’gin destroyed Jadefire Scout, Edwin attacked into Jeishal and Power Word: Barrier made sure the Rogue would get to see another turn! What a flurry of moves by Christian!

Christian knew how to abuse Gispax in ridiculous ways!If You’re Not Against Us… came down and was activated and Christian preferred Michal drawing another card than taking any more damage. Miniature Voodoo Mask came down, declaring Power Word: Barrier. A joined effort of Sardok and Skodis (buffed by Fordragon Hold) took down Edwin VanCleef and play was back to Christian.

He used Gispax the Mixologist’s effect, discarding Edwin VanCleef to add Cairne to his hand. He stashed the Tauren, sacked the token and played Gnash!

Back to Michal, who seemed to slowly lose ground in the match. 2 huge allies were content on taking a shot at Skodis thanks to the lack of opposition on the Polish side of the field. Life Tap helped Christian in a way as the Warlock went up to 8. 2 more cards for Michal, who was now holding onto 6 cards in his hand: Vakus the Inferno, Demonic Reclamation, Shadowseer Calista, 2 copies of Banish Soul and Maazhum. He placed Shadowseer Calista as a face-down resource and passed his turn.

Voodoo Mask was supposed to give Christian some room to breathe!Christian had a Miniature Voodoo Mask of his own, declaring Bottled Void. He sent Gnash into Skodis, but Banish Soul was used in response. Christian tributed the 6 drop in response for Shadowfang Keep, he discarded Power Word: Barrier for Gispax’s effect, adding Vanessa VanCleef to his hand (interesting choice!), he played her and passed his turn.

Gispax was working overtime so far and Michal had to find a way to deal with it. Or maybe not… he played Vakus the Inferno and attacked directly, destroyed it for Demonic Reclamation and drew 2 fresh cards. Maazhum dealt another 3 to the Priest, who was now on 16, and healed 3 from the Warlock, now on 5.

Vanessa VanCleef traded with the pet. Once again, Gispax’s effect was used, with Christian discarding Devout Aurastone Hammer. This got him Al’akir the Windlord who entered play after Vanessa VanCleef was destroyed, courtesy of Fordragon Hold! Could he put an end to Michal’s aggression?

Skodis attacked directly, dealing 1 damage as he was fighting on familiar ground after an Fordragon Hold activation. A 6th resource was added and play was back to Christian.

Al’Akir meant to say: „Say hello to my little friend!“, inviting an Elemental to the party. The Ichor of Undeath got Christian Vanessa VanCleef back, Gispax attacked directly and Christian considered sending Al’akir in. He felt confident it was safe enough, the Elemental took a huge hit at Skodis and after the dust had settled, the Warlock was on 19 damage!

Michal flipped his hero before readying his resources, which now meant 20 on Suncaller Haruh and 16 on the Warlock. Skodis took out the Elemental, clearing the way for an attack with Vakus the Inferno. 24 on the Priest! Demonic Reclamation was used and Michal drew 2 more cards. He was left with 3 resources and he could row another one, so there were still plenty of ways to finish this game for him. Christian simply watched in amazement at the Warlock unloading all his weapons, but when Michal announced: „Not what I wanted to see…“, he finally relaxed a bit and shuffled up for game 2!

Christian Pfeiffer gains an early lead!

What a thriller! One different search for Gispax would have made all the difference. It was interesting watching Christian pulling one ace after another from his deck, always answering Michal’s threats in the best way possible!

Michal's opening 7 after the mulligan!Michal revealed his first 7: 3 Bottled Void, 2 Fel Blaze and 2 more cards he didn’t quite like to see. „One Voodoo Mask and I’m done…“, he commented on this disappointing draw before shuffling the cards back in. Christian also took a mulligan, not giving away any information.

Despite the pressure with money on the line, both players acted in a very friendly manner. Michal shook his head after taking a closer look at his second hand, he placed If You’re Not Against Us… and passed.

Alethia Brightsong after Shadowfang Keep allowed Christian to improve his following draws. Back to Michal, who used If You’re Not Against Us…, with Christian taking the damage.

Fel Blaze wiped the field and Suncaller Haruh now featured 5 damage.

Christian found Sava’gin the Reckless on his turn 2 and passed right back.

Michal considered what to row, with Banish Soul winning the lottery. He added Burly Berta to his field, Christian flipped his hero and it was back to the German.

When Christian stashed Cairne, Michal already asked „Edwin?“ – „Yeah!“, Christian responded and it was back to Michal.

He attacked directly with Burly Berta, drawing another card. Fel Blaze followed, thanks to Fordragon Hold, Skodis dealt with Edwin in person and suddenly, Christian was left with no field! Jadefire Scout was added to the party and that concluded the turn.

A second Cairne caused Michal to ask: „Parexia?“ Christian failed to disappoint again, ridding Michal’s hand of Demonic Reclamation and Banish Soul.

Michal attacked directly with both of his allies, drawing a card of Burly Berta’s effect.

Time to step on the gas again!„Do you have Gnash or not?!“, Michal asked. Christian, ever the patient player, had no response to that. Bottled Void dealt another 6, with Suncaller Haruh suddenly on 20 damage!

Gnash! Back to Michal!

Skodis attacked directly, Sardok and Loriam Argos came down. „Why am I not drawing into Edwin?!“, Michal wondered.

Christian considered his next move carefully. Sava’gin the Reckless would have made Jim Fleckenstein proud, dealing with Sardok! Gnash took out Loriam Argos. Alethia Brightson and Edwin VanCleef were next and suddenly, the tables were turned!

Suddenly Christian was dominating the field!Burly Berta was not what Michal was hoping for… he passed without performing any actions, saving her for a possible Demonic Reclamation maybe?

Gnash, Alethia and Edwin attacked directly, which got the Priest up to 16 damage. Both thugs followed after Christian considering that move and he passed. Skodis flipped and Suncaller Haruh was now on 24 damage.

Michal drew and…

…shuffled up in frustration!

Christian Pfeiffer is only 1 win away from winning MazuCon

„No first turn drop when I start!“, Michal complained. „You could let me go first!“, Christian suggested, but Michal pleasantly declined.

During shuffling, a card slipped out of Christian’s deck. He showed Parexia to everyone around the table so no one could accuse him of cheating. Michal called for a judge, laughing (everyone was aware it was a joke). That includes our head judge, who just came over asking: „You actually want something or are you only wasting my time?!“ – never has a player one game away from losing the finals been in a cheerier mood. You really should have made the trip to Poznan!

Both players took the mulligan. Ronny, who was watching the match and failed to see them taking the mulligan, asked out loud if he was still drunk as he turned around and saw the players shuffling again – it seemed like too much of a déjà-vu.

Fordragon Hold and Jadefire Scout was exactly what Michal wanted to see.

Christian also had a location: Shadowfang Keep, he added Miniature Voodoo Mask, declaring „Bottled Void“ and passed.

Michal was stepping on the gas, with Burly Berta joining his party.

Quite the start for Michal!Sava’gin the Reckless was used and Michal complained: „Oh no, not AGAIN!“ Sava’gin heeded the call, hitting Skodis, much to Christian’s displeasure.

Attacks with Berta and Jadefire Scout left the Priest with 8 damage. Vakus the Inferno followed, Shadowseer Calista returned him to Michal’s hand, he played Jadefire Scout and sent Skodis in. 13 on Suncaller Haruh, who wanted to drag out the game a bit, using its effect.

„This game is going a lot better for me!“, Michal explained. „A little“, Ronny repeated sarcastically. Cairne, Fordragon Hold, Edwin VanCleef. Back to Michal.

Michal wouldn't run out of gas anytime soon!„Let’s see if I can kill you now…“, Michal asked out loud. „1 Damage short!“, he complained after running some numbers. Berta attacked directly, both Jadefire Scout’s followed, Vakus the Inferno was next, but before he attacked, Demonic Reclamation with Burly Berta gave him Assault 2! Fel Blaze concluded the turn, with 24 on Suncaller Haruh!

Edwin VanCleef destroyed a Jadefire Scout, with Power Word: Barrier saving him from destruction. Christian couldn’t come up with anything else and passed.

Miniature Voodoo Mask declared „Power Word: Barrier“ and Christian knew it was over.

Michal wins the 3rd game!

Finally, Christian was allowed to go first. This might prove crucial, so let’s see where this goes.

Michal felt like holding onto these!Michal was happy with his opening 7, while Christian still went through some possible moves that his hand would allow in his head. He opened with a face-down resource and Miniature Voodoo Mask, declaring Bottled Void.

Michal also had a face-down resource and he played Jadefire Scout.

Sava’gin the Reckless got rid of the scout, Keeper Balos came down and Christian passed.

Michal invited Burly Berta to the party and passed.

Thanks to Keeper Balos, Christian could play Edwin VanCleef.

Vakus the Inferno dealt 4 to Suncaller Haruh, Demonic Reclamation helped Michal to draw into 2 more cards, he placed Fordragon Hold as a resource and sent Skodis into a token.

This time Christian was on the roll!Edwin VanCleef destroyed Burly Berta, Keeper Balos and a thug token attacked directly and Christian ended his turn by stashing Cairne

Finally, Michal found an Edwin VanCleef of his own!

Christian played Parexia, Herald of the Shadows, stripping Michal’s hand of Bottled Void and Miniature Voodoo Mask. Keeper Balos traded with a token, then 2 tokens traded and finally, Edwin got rid of his copy. The remaining token on the field attacked into Skodis and Christian passed his turn.

So far, this game was going exactly the way Christian wanted. Michal felt the same way and activated Life Tap, looking for answers. Maazhum was played, with 9 damage on the Priest and 4 on the Warlock.

Parexia attacked into Maazhum. Direct attacks followed and then Al’akir the Windlord came down! Certainly not what Michal wanted to see!

Christian invited Al'akir to the party!„I will cut myself!“, Michal announced before activating another Life Tap. He had Fire and Brimstone, Vakus the Inferno, If You’re Not Against Us… and Fordragon Hold. Nothing to turn this game around, so Michal offered the handshake!

Christian Pfeiffer is your MazuCon Champion!

The first and second games were extremely close and the third and fourth match couldn’t quite live up to the hype. Both players‘ decks did exactly what they were supposed to do in those games, helping their respective pilot to claim the win with relative ease.

The lucky finalists of MazuCon!

Still, it was a great conclusion to an epic weekend and everyone in attendance was quick to encourage Piotr, the tournament organizer, for a repeat performance! We’ll know a little later this year it will happen and I want to encourage you to come to Poznan, then!

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